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I'm All About Fun, Food, and Travel!

I believe that life is too short not to spend it doing all the things that set your soul on fire!

What does that look like for you?

What image does it conjure in your mind when I ask, "What does your BEST LIFE look like?"

For me? It's all things that create fun and learning to live my beautiful life out freaking loud!

I love to be creative! I love to paint, sing, compose music, and attempt to write the next best-selling novel!

I'm all about FOOD and being a foodie! I love to find and even create new recipes and always keep things fresh, and welcome anything new I can concoct for my hubby!

P.S. He loves to eat as much as me! LOL

I love exploring the great outdoors by hiking, camping, swimming in the ocean, and wandering down brand-new trails we've never explored before!

And most of all, I am filled with a massive case of incurable wanderlust that I haven't yet been fully able to explore.

We've approached midlife, the empty-nest part of our lives, and feel like we can see just beyond the horizon a life filled with hitting the open road and traveling 'til our hearts are finally content!

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