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I'm Still Here! Just Editing Until My Fingers Bleed!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!!

I had good intentions of getting another inspirational, motivational blog post and/or podcast done this week, but I did something else instead!

First and foremost - I finished my latest novel - Fragments of Hope. I can't wait to share it with you soon!

But in the meantime, my hubby finished his new novel - The Sight of Love!

Since I am co-owner/editor-in-chief of our publishing company, Inked Faerie Press, I had no choice but to get on it! He will release on Feb. 7th, so there isn't much time to spare.

Today, I finished the final edits/proofreading, and tonight, we finalized the cover. Next, I'll be working on formatting (my least favorite part, to be honest!) and preparing to upload to KDP soon!

Once all of that is completed, I can finally begin the editing process on Fragments of Hope and do it all over again!

So, while I won't be creating any new inspiration for a couple of weeks until I get these projects completed, I am thankful for this moment in time.

We realized not all that long ago we haven't released anything - NOTHING - since our co-authored novel Have Fate Will Travel was released on 11/11/2020.

Guys... that was over 2 years ago! How pathetic is that?!

If you haven't listened to any of my podcasts, you should check out a few based on awakening creativity and manifesting inspiration and joy.

Ahem - it appears I need to take a lesson or two and listen to my own advice!

But as I said in the podcast I uploaded just last week, it is time for something new.

I'm done looking back.

I'm done making excuses.

This will be the year things change - I can feel it in the core of my soul.

This is the year we find our voices - our power - to pivot, spark change, and heal.

This is the year we trust the process and learn that while releasing the old, we are clearing a path for what lies ahead.

And nothing, I mean NOTHING, is going to stand in our way this time.

While you eagerly await my typical stellar, life-changing words of wisdom, and I take a break and edit til my fingers bleed, I wish you all the best in your own journey.

What's it gonna take for you to take that first step and MOVE?

While you're figuring it all out one day at a time (just like I am!), grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and stop on over to The Daily Escape Podcast and take a listen!

Until next time,

I am unconditionally yours.

All my love,



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