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There Are Far, Far Better Things Ahead, But First, We Must Let Go!

Guys... I don't know about you, but I think I might just be starting to come alive again.

After the dormant. The stagnant. The blah.

One simple quote sparked something within me that I hadn't felt for months - Hope.

The quote read:

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

~ C.S. Lewis

Deep inside the self-protected little girl that's been sheltering in place and hiding away from the chaos and noise this ugly world has chosen to fill itself with, lies a woman with hopes and wishes and aspirations far beyond what she's ever dared to dream before.

But when my inspiration and creativity tanked these past weeks and months, I only burrowed deeper into my old self and fought hard to hold on to what was comfortable. What was easier to survive.

Perhaps you've been there too?

Promising to do better, to move forward, to do something more, only to give in to fear and doubt and self-pity once something becomes too hard, seems too unreachable, feels too much.

Well, I don't know about you, but this entire winter season, to me, has just felt too damn much.

Before I even realized what was happening, I threw my hands up.

Gave in too easily.

And I let it get the best of me.

I'm not afraid to admit that - afraid to say I've failed myself.

It's in admitting those mistakes, accepting those shortcomings, and not denying you fell short on the plans you'd made for yourself, that the seeds for movement, for growth, for change are planted.

I've heard it said that in order to make room for the new, we must let go of the past.

Now if you've followed my Decluttering Series on my Podcast - The Daily Escape Podcast - you'll know that I spent week after week after week teaching you how to declutter your home, mind, body, and soul to allow your spirit to be set free.

Most of the time when we think about decluttering, we think of tangible, physical things that we can clean, reorganize, or get rid of.

But we often forget to apply these same methods to our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives as well, don't we?

My husband did a podcast this week - It's Crafted Quill Podcast for anyone who's interested in listening :-) - where he talked about being still. About moving forward despite challenges we've each faced in our lives recently.

He basically threw me under the bus and said that maybe I needed to listen to my own podcasts again to get myself out of the funk I was in...

No, of course, he didn't say it like that, I just had to give him a hard time! :-)

But basically, he was gently reminding me that he believes in me.

He knows that I can find my way out of the mess I've made in my own head and heart because he, too, believes in the hope I share with all of you each week.

See, the inspirations and motivations I share using my voice, my truth, aren't just empty thoughts and random words.

The words I speak are literally my whole heart and soul being poured into helping you live and manifest your very best life as well as learning to heal from the traumas of your past.

I feel that it is my calling, honestly. To be a change-maker. To help you become more than you ever thought imaginable. And that makes my heart happy.

What saddens me is how easy I find it to give up on myself when things aren't going as I had planned.

When things don't feel so 'sunshine and roses' anymore.

When everything around me feels dark and uninspired.

Well, my friend, I'm only human. And I fall just as easily as you.

But I'm here to tell you (as well as remind myself) that there is always hope!

There is always a chance to change!

But there are a few things I need to do first before I can just stand back up, dust myself off, and start promising I'll do better this time.

Remember the quote from earlier? The one about leaving things behind?

I think it's time I do just that.

So, I'm going to give you the mother of all challenges. (And, yes, I am doing the same for myself!)

I challenge you to take a long, hard look at your own life.

No, don't compare it to hers, or his, or mine. Just yours.

How are you feeling right now, in this very moment of time?

Are there things you'd like to change?

Are there dreams you wish you'd lived?

Are there parts of you that you can't stand and want more than anything to leave behind?

Sit down with your journal.

Be honest with yourself.

Speak those truths out loud, then write them all down on paper.

Now start a new list of all the things you want to change, to do, to become.

I know - you're already starting the secondary list, aren't you? The one where your mind is saying "I can't think about that right now. I have to do this first, or that first, or maybe someday when the time is right I'll get to that."

Don't think of any of that right now.

I am giving you permission to make that list as if not a care in the world exists.

As if there are NO obstacles and you are FREE to live your life as YOU want, and nothing, no, NOTHING is standing in your way.

How does that feel????

There is nothing more cathartic than the admission of accepting you're not where you want to be, but opening yourself up to the possibility of change.

Of seeing yourself, your future, as it could be, if you let the old you, the past that no longer serves you, go for good.

So what in your life needs to be cleaned up - Decluttered - Rearranged - Let go of - To make way for the new?

Is it your crazy, hectic schedule? An insane busyness that's keeping you from having fun and doing all the things you love to do?

Let it go.

Is it a room, or two, or three in your house that's overcrowded and cluttered with stuff you no longer need? Is that messy space keeping you from expressing yourself creatively? Killing your inspiration?

Then clean it up and let it go.

Is it an attitude? An unforgiveness? An unhealthy version of yourself you no longer wish to feed?

Then let's take the first step forward today by admitting the sin.

Accepting the truth.

Then preparing a way out for that THING we need to let it all go.

Let's begin untethering ourselves from a past that no longer serves us.

From a life that no longer gives us joy.

And let's make space within our minds, our homes, our bodies, and our souls to allow our spirits to be able to breathe again.

To begin to manifest the lives we truly want to live.

To feed the person we yearn to be.

It's not without pitfalls - this changing, this growing, this moving.

It's not easy to leave the past behind.

But I promise you - the journey, the healing, your peace, is worth it in the end.

Join me, will you, in making this quote a reality in this new month ahead?

This new season of rebirth and change?

Because I can assure you, there are far, far better things ahead than what we leave behind.

Now, let's get out of the way and allow the universe to guide us as we let the past go and make room for the new!

Until next time,

I am unconditionally yours.

All my love,

~ Sadie

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