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Additional Works by Sadie

The Cusp of Magic: Book One of the Zodiac Illuminaries of Ravenokh

Kindle - The Cusp o f Magic.png

In a split second, the future Keaghan Graham dreams of shatters after news of an unimaginable loss shakes him to the core.
With hope of a new life ahead, he seeks to escape reality in search for an end to the inconceivable pain he is drowning in.
Will a supposed chance meeting with a triad of Magical beings give his life purpose again, or will this earth-shattering discovery further test his sanity and send him over the edge?
In his quest for peace, he learns that not one single moment in his life has happened simply by chance.
Every pivotal twist in fate will reveal his destiny in the exact preordained moment in time it was meant to.
Before long, it is evident that even through his trials Keaghan has been prepared to become one of the twelve warriors of the Zodiac Illuminaries of Ravenokh.
Because of free will, the choice remains his and lies within his hands now.
Will painful memories of the past keep him trapped within his grief, or will he rise to the challenge and accept the call of the universe?
Enlightenment awaits just beyond the Cusp of Magic.

The Indigo Prince of
Temple Moor

Kindle  - The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor.png

A lonely Prince searching desperately for love, denied his rightful place on the throne. One deadly secret now threatening to be exposed.
A strangely enchanting woman wrestles with the demons of her past, her body brutally beaten, her soul broken and scarred by the abuse she endured under the malevolent reign of a King gone mad.
A chance meeting, evoked by the fervent pleas of the Ancient Ones of Olde, would soon lead Asher and Annestasia to discover where their fates may have intertwined in the lives they were intended to live before they were placed upon this realm.
Journey through a labyrinth of secret passages found within this kingdom, each choice made shifting and spiraling their future through one of the mystical portals to other dimensions.
Their spirits had been broken. Their souls had been tested. In the end, all that remained when all of the scattered remnants of the life they once knew were strewn about the ground was their love.
As the pendulum of power shifts within the forces of the Universe, a great change begins to take place, forcing those to choose which side they shall stand on as light beings battle supernatural beasts of darkness found within the Kingdom of Oculus.
The hatred surging through their planet only stood to fuel the embers burning in the hearts and souls of those warriors of light.
It was then, they were rejuvenated.
It is then, their powers were reborn.
It was then, the weak, began to rise.
The whole world watched and would soon follow their command as they ushered in a Great Awakening at last.


We are authors Sadie K. Frazier and Stephen St. Clair, and we have spent the better part of a year co-creating and bringing to fruition this anthology of fantastic fables of flash fiction fantasy.
What forms the backbone of this anthology is the superb premise that effortlessly submerses you, the reader, into alternate realms and differing mindsets.
It combines a creatively driven science-fictional premise with human pain, connecting it all in the captivating genre of fantasy and magic realism.
Each story conveys perfectly the uncertainty and desperation of its characters while bringing them and their sometimes utterly chaotic surroundings to life.
As you read their words, allow your minds to wander, to transport you to a place of magic and across the expanse of the universe and beyond; a place that knows no time or boundaries, a haven where your soul may wander free...IF you dare to just believe!

The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page~ Rachel Anders

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