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Love, Sam

Love, Sam

by Sadie K. Frazier

After a terrifying accident, fate allows Sam Murphy a second chance at this life.

He turns the pages of that redefining chapter and looks forward to the future as he rewrites the story of his life.

With a newfound sense of purpose, he is determined to learn to live every moment to the fullest and make every second count.

s he begins to recover from his injuries, he accepts there will be hard times along the way, and that not every day will be easy to endure.

What he couldn't have imagined were the heartbreaking adversities he'd soon be forced to face or the incredible blessings that would transpire as this touching story unfolds.

After meeting the love of his life, Addyson Montgomery, as she literally came crashing through the doors of his Psych 101 class, she stormed her way straight into his life and forever into his heart.

As they begin planning and dreaming of a beautiful future together, they receive a phone call that changes everything.

In one split second, it became the moment their lives stood still and would never again be the same.

An earth-shattering twist of fate tests Sam beyond the immeasurable limits of survival as his life and their future hangs in the balance.

Join Addyson and Sam on this inspirational journey through love, despair, loss, and hope.

Walk beside them through some of the most intimate, broken chapters of their hearts as they redefine the meaning of grace, of mercy, and of unyielding hope in the face of adversity.

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