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Skye Morningside Metaphysical Examiner:
Soul Awakening

Kindle - Skye Morningside Metaphysical Examiner Book One NEW Cover.png

Skye Morningside Metaphysical Examiner: Soul Awakening

by Sadie K. Frazier

Chasing ghosts from a troubling past, Skye Morningside sets out to make a new life in the quiet town of Ashwood Falls, Oregon.

It seemed like a nice place to hide away while she figured out her life in a city where nothing much ever happened. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.
As she connects with a community that warmly welcomes her into their tribe and begins to speak prophetic words over her future, she quickly discovers one important truth: all is not as it seemed at first glance.
Her world is turned upside down in a frenzy of surprise encounters with otherworldly beings, a Gothic warrior from another realm, a sudden, violent brush with death, and an unexpected revelation that shakes her to the core.
One by one, the townsfolk begin to disappear without a trace.

Investigators are left with more questions than answers as they are forced to reopen a set of cold case files from decades ago – The Time Slip Files.
Join Skye Morningside on this supernatural adventure as she discovers her newfound magical abilities, comes face to face with demons from a past she may not survive this time around, and accepts a new position as Metaphysical Examiner for a network of necromantic beings from another realm entirely.
Searching her heart and seeking answers, she realizes her true potential lies within a world born of magic, a life doused with near-constant mayhem, and balanced by the few souls she learns to trust as she uncovers a hidden sequence of truths that put her life and theirs in imminent danger.

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