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I am In Pursuit of Purpose


We all know that life isn't always fair, don't we?

And we all get that these past two years have been hell on our psyches and have drained us of many things, including the ability to feel joy.

I, too, have been stuck... for months... I've lost my passion, my zest for life.

For all the things that spark inspiration and set my soul on fire.

I've suffered the worst creative obstacles in the form of writer's block I've ever experienced.

And honestly - I've let it get the best of me.


Lately, I've been feeling it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and make some space for something new.

Something that will spark inspiration and joy and awaken creativity in my soul.


Unfortunately, sometimes in order to clear those cobwebs and make way for the new, we have to wade through some pretty heavy past baggage we've been lugging around with us, don't we?


P.S. You can listen to an episode from my podcast 'In Pursuit of Purpose' (Formerly -The Daily Escape Podcast) on Unpacking Our Bags and Surrendering to Change here:


Look, I know that process isn't fun.

It's hard work. Or SOUL work as I like to call it on my podcast.

And for me, the sorting through of my emotional baggage always comes with even more questions…


About my relationships.

About my career.

About my money, my happiness, my path, and my purpose.


So in the midst of uprooting my past and decluttering the stuff that's held me down for far too long, I've discovered a few things along the way.


I've discovered that my purpose is, and always has been, to serve others.


See it's not because I have all the answers or have it all figured out because I can assure you - that is far from the truth.


I struggle with the same things you do, and I'm not always good about keeping my head (or my heart) from reverting back to negative self-talk

or believing lies from a past that no longer serves me.


But I, like you, am a survivor.

I am a hopeless romantic who will never stop believing that I, too, can be the catalyst whose words have the ability in some small way, to change the world.


I'm here to inspire others, to offer them hope and healing to manifest their best life, and to uplift and encourage those who need it the most.


So in essence, this blog is written with a passion for crafting words

that inspire the voice of others

who want to write their stories and manifest their best lives.

And I'm here to help in any way that I can!

I'm here to be your light!⁠

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