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The Chronicles of Travelstead:
Coven of As
hwood Falls

The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls

by Sadie K. Frazier

As the faintest sliver of moonlight edged its way into the wooded forests of Ashwood Falls, Oregon, whispers, and moans of spirits from below reverberated throughout the terror-stricken town.

Black, shadow-cloaked figures smelling like the putrid stench of death seeped into cobblestone crevices of the once conservatively quiet community.

They were teetering on the verge of panic, hoping against all odds that the omens surrounding this night would never arrive.

An eerily prolonged succession of resplendent lightning collided with brutal, undulating roars of thunder, each combined explosion causing the walls erected from the haunted library’s impervious foundation to shudder profoundly.

The vestibule was coming alive, a conglomeration of gruesome and perplexing creatures of the night finding their way through the darkness and into the chambers below.

Diabolical specters schemed in the secret quarters above, chanting incantations born of ancient spells, spewing evil formed from their dark magic.

But there was one thing they hadn’t counted on as the infernal schemes the warlocks had crafted were being conjured…

Travelstead, the gothic warrior from another realm. His timeworn, brown leather satchel was filled with magically bizarre gizmos and multifunctional weaponry. Inside his traveling bag of tricks was a bewitchingly mysterious book, its pages inundated with protection spells, spells to banish evil, and deluged with the ancestral mysteries of the supernatural realms it harbored inside.

Follow Travelstead as he joins forces with an entirely unconventional, totally kick-ass entourage.

Together, they devise a covert plan to vanquish and destroy the abhorrent Lords of darkness.

Join this team of conscripts as they battle for their lives

and souls, as they wage war against a secret Coven of Witches lurking in the dark, ancient cobblestone passages of the town of Ashwood Falls.

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Three Zombies

The Chronicles of Travelstead:
Mount Crusiaris Asylum
Book Two

The Chronicles of Travelstead: Mount Crusiaris Asylum

Book Two

by Sadie K. Frazier

Join Travelstead, the Gothic, Steampunk Warrior from another realm, and his unconventional
Sidekick Elden, on this supernatural journey.
Thrust through space and time, twirling and spinning through a
psychedelic portal with brilliant bursts of kaleidoscopic light, they are sent spiraling out of control into the great unknown, disembarking on yet another adventure to save mankind from itself.
They arrive at their next mysterious destination amidst a barren, desolate land, placed betwixt
and between an alarmed and starkly dismayed assembly of psychologically tormented and
oppressed souls.
Their hysterically deranged voices echo throughout the corridors of Mount
Crusiaris Asylum.
Travelstead is forced to face the demons of his past while attempting to rescue the vexed,
phantasmal beings suffering from severe mental afflictions of the mind.
They have been
psychologically tortured, cast out from society for being unwell.
All that remains is the cryptic shell of their bedeviled beings, teetering on a delicate precipice between life and death.
Will he be able to save them from themselves?
Or will he remain forever ensnared inside his own, tormented psyche for the remainder of
If he does not take control of the incessant ramblings of his subconscious mind, he may not make
it out with his life, or his sanity, intact!

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