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Rocky Shore

Fragments of Hope

Church Interior





by Sadie K. Frazier


Despite having everything to celebrate after years of infertility, the next chapter of Hope Austin's life is suddenly fragmented by sorrow. The future she envisioned is shattered without warning.

When her world implodes, and she cannot see a way out of the darkness that encompasses her every waking moment, she is faced with a critical choice - to remain anchored to her trauma - or face the merciless demons of her past to heal.

Unspeakable grief, crippling anxiety, and outright anger toward God become relentless snapshots of pain that crush her spirit as she pleads for an end to the suffering.

As she clings to whispers of light found in chance meetings with angels unaware, she begins to pen the first threads of hope - a memoir of loss, survival, and recovery.


Join Hope as she rewrites her story of tragedy through profoundly moving and deeply intimate chapters of finding grace, a second chance at love, and a purpose born from her journey through grief.

A Memoir of Loss, Survival, and Recovery

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