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Literary Works
by Sadie K. Frazier

"You are the author of your own life story,

A journey that never truly ends.

How will the final chapter unfold?

That depends on the truths that you have penned.

~ Sadie K. Frazier

Reading Glasses on Book

"I aspire to be an author whose words change hearts and lives."

~ Sadie K. Frazier

All About Sadie

Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Sadie K. Frazier is a talented, multi-genre freelance writer,

inspirational novelist and co-owner of Inked Faerie Press.


She is also the creative marketing director at The Crafted Quill

and Host of The Daily Escape Podcast!


Freelance author at Inked Faerie Press.

Willful Coffee Addict.

Wanderlust Enthusiast.

Hopeless Romantic.

Creative Thinker.

Powerful Feeler.

Passionate Creator.

She excels as an author whose words change lives.

Her purpose is to spread her light to this broken world.


It only takes one person to bring about change, and she believes

that it begins with her!


She is happily married to the love of her life, who is also

an aspiring published author.


She has 5 beautiful children and 3 grand-babies that she hopes

will be inspired by the woman she is becoming.


As you read her words, allow your mind to wander,

to transport you to a place of magic

and across the expanse of the universe;

a place that knows no time or boundaries,

a haven where your soul may wander free...

IF you dare to believe!



You can find Sadie on Twitter: @DailyEscapePod

(The Daily Escape Podcast)


Or on Facebook:

On Instagram as: sadiekfrazierauthor

On TikTok:

In Pursuit of Purpose Podcast:

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